1 Year Loans Are Easily Available

14 Dec 2011

It is unfortunate nowadays for people to suffer from the stress of shortage of cash. Are you one among them suffering from such a depression? If so, do not get disheartened. We at 1 Year Loan No Credit Check are here to assist you to pull out of your undesirable sufferings immediately. Through our 1 year loans service, borrowers like you can easily access the best loan options that suit your immediate needs. You can enjoy the most affordable repayment tenure by opting to our best 1 year loans service wherein you can get required cash assistance instantly. Why wait! Contact us and enjoy its benefits. 

At 1 year loan no credit check, loan seekers like you can receive cash assistance from a minimum amount of pound 100 up to a maximum amount of pound 1500. This loan amount is approved depending upon your needs and repaying capacity. We offer you the privilege of repaying the sanctioned amount within a tenure of one year. You are at absolute liberty to utilize this loan amount as per own wish and for meeting your urgent needs. Approach us and get rid of your financial problems, hassle free.   

In order to gain access to our loan service with one year option, you must meet certain conditions, you must be:
A citizen of the UK

Aged 18 years and above
Holding an active checking bank account
Working in a recognized organization
Working for the last six months at least
Drawing a minimum salary of pound 1000 every month

When once you meet these conditions, we will approve your loan without any hesitation. The other advantages of our loan service are that we are not concerned about your bad credit back ground. Even if you are suffering from issues like default payments, you can apply to us.

All that you have to do now is to fill up our easy application form available online and submit it to us. Wait for us to approach you with our loan service that is free and involves no paperwork or faxing.


1 year loans service is a unique facility offered to borrowers who are suffering from shortage of funds. You can apply through online. It is free from paper work and no faxing is required to get the loan sanctioned instantly.