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The amount of interest is the rate of delay in the annual rate of interest and the interest rate of the interest rate determined in the agreement.

The seller or provider is obliged to ensure that this information is included in the contract and give a copy of the contract to the consumer. If the disclaimer is regulated separately, the deed is to be held separately, this deed is individually edited in order to pay each installment and only in writing. Otherwise, the curriculum is invalid.

In sales with installments; The consumer has the right to pay the total amount in advance. The consumer can also be found in one or more installment payment provided that it is not less than an installment amount. In both cases, the seller is obliged to make the required interest rate according to the amount paid.

If the seller or provider has reserved the right to get a $400 loan, if one or more of the installments is not paid, this is the right; However, if the seller or provider has performed all the affiliations and the consumer has at least two taxi in payment of at least two taxi and the sales price of the sales price of the sales price that is not paid at least two taxes. However, in order to use the seller or provider to use this right, it must be found in the Muaceliyet warning by giving it at least one week.

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